Pricing & Locations


Phone Ahead – Pick Up Later

If you want the convenience of having your order ready for pick-up – just call ahead and place and order and have it ready.  Pre-orders can be picked up at the Farm or Farmers Market.  Call us today to pre-order your next order of fresh produce from Johnston Farms.

Certificate Program

Discount for Retail Customers

Our Certificate Program provides a 10% discount.  By signing up and making an up-front payment, you make big savings.  This program is a great way to have a box of fresh, delicious produce every two weeks for the entire season.  Call us today for more details.

Wholesale Prices

For Business Customers

Johnston Farms provides great wholesale prices to our local business customers.  We provide weekly updates via our Johnston Farms Fresh Sheet and make twice weekly deliveries.  Contact Johnston Farms today to learn more about our Wholesale Program.

Call Johnston Farms today at (360) 452-1936 for more information about how to pre-order as well as our
Certificate and Wholesale programs.

Farm Store

Visit Our Farm

Come to Johnston Farm and shop in our Farm Store, open Monday-Friday, 10-4, located at 1046 Huehslein Road, Port Angeles, WA.

Port Angeles Farmers Market

Local Farmers Market

Saturdays, 10:00am-2:00pm, come to the Port Angeles Farmers Market, at the on the corner of Front and Lincoln Streets in downtown Port Angeles, and shop at the Johnston Farm stand. Christie is there almost every week..


For Business Customers

Delivery is available for our bulk-purchase wholesale customers.  If you are a business in need of fresh produce, Johnston Farms is happy to deliver your orders to your place of business on your schedule.